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Visqueen Zedex High Bond DPC is a high performance damp proof course suitable for cavity tray applications including parapet walls, beneath copings and cappings, in gas resistant applications and complex detailing work at ground level.

Visqueen Zedex High Bond DPC can be torch bonded to masonry units and all laps are homogenously sealed in the process.

  • Manufactured in excess of BS 6398 type A
  • Low permeability to methane gas
  • Superior performance in low compressive load applications
  • Excellent mortar adhesion properties
  • Contains no pitch or plasticisers
  • Comes in a 8 metre length roll and various widths, 100mm, 150mm, 225mm, 337.5mm, 450mm, 600mm, or 1000mm

Visqueen Zedex High Bond DPC is manufactured using SBS elastomeric modified bitumen with a polyester reinforcement carrier and finished with fine silica sand on both sides.

Applications: Zedex High Bond DPC can be used in wall structures up to three storeys wherever a flexible and adaptable gas or damp proof course and cavity tray system is required.

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