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Visqueen Ultimate HC BLOK is a highly flexible 0.5mm thick coextruded membrane designed to comply with current guidance on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) vapours and ground gases.

Drawing on extensive knowledge and expertise in gas protection, Visqueen has developed a new flexible barrier membrane suitable in brownfield applications that are affected by aggressive chemicals (vapour phase) such as such as Naphthalene, Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene and Xylene (BTEX).

  • Conforms to CIRIA C748 and BS8485:2015
  • NHBC Amber 1 compliant
  • Amber 2 compliant
  • Excellent VOC (vapour) & methane barrier resistance
  • Utilises Visqueen’s Advanced Barrier Technology
  • Exceptional flexibility and puncture resistance
  • Comprehensively tested and validated test results
  • Outstanding welding characteristics, saving time and costs
  • Membrane size 2.44m x 41m x 1mm (100m2)

    The product is available in large roll formats to minimise jointing and quick installation times. The membrane is gold and white, 2.44m x 41m x 0.5mm (100m²), in single wound roll format and packaged in a white outer wrap.

    The membrane should be installed gold side up.

    System Components

    • Visqueen Ultimate Double Sided Jointing Tape
    • Visqueen Ultimate Gas Resistant Lap Tape
    • Visqueen Ultimate Top Hat Units
    • Pro Detailing strip 300mm & 500mm

    Visqueen Ultimate VOC BLOK

    Visqueen Ultimate HC BLOK is suitable for the following applications

    ■ VOC/Hydrocarbon (gaseous phase) contaminated sites in accordance with
    CIRIA C748
    ■ Carbon dioxide and methane sites in accordance with BS8485:2015
    ■ Radon affected sites in accordance with BRE211:2015
    ■ Damp protection in accordance with Building Regulations part C

    Due to a diverse range of applications, site conditions and variations in attack
    chemicals we strongly advise contacting our technical department for
    correct specification and detailing.

    The innovative Visqueen’s Advanced Barrier Technolog

    1. An advanced gas barrier structure
    2. Superior physical and chemical resistant properties
    3. Easy & rapid welding
    4. Flexibility for uneven ground contours
    5. Good environmental stress crack resistance
    Advanced barrier technology utilises Visqueen’s extensive manufacturing technical
    expertise and experience to ensure buildings and occupants are safe from
    hazardous ground gases and VOCs.

    Visqueen is the market leader in the manufacture and supply of structural waterproofing and gas protection systems. 

    Visqueen offers complete support at every stage in the specification and supply chain process. Working to only the highest standards and through innovation and excellence as key values, 

    Visqueen remains the industry leader and is trusted as the technical authority for product standards.

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