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Visqueen PRO Double Sided Vapour Tape utilises Visqueen’s Advanced Adhesive Technology. Suitable for demanding applications and for supporting heavier weight materials such as the HP VCL.

  • Utilises Visqueen’s advanced adhesive technology
  • Outstanding appliance temperature range -40C to 40C
  • Exceptional adhesion to wood and metal
  • 30x more aggressive than standard adhesive systems at low temperatures
  • Displaces moisture ensuring good bond to surface

With outstanding working temperature range -40.C to 40.C and exceptional adhesion to wood and metal. Displaces moisture ensuring good bond to surface.

VisqueenPro Specification Vapour tape range supports the installation of Visqueen
Vapour barriers in the following applications.

  • On the inside of buildings for walls, floors, ceilings and roof structures
  • Timber and metal frames
  • Solid concrete floor and wall structures

Visqueen is the market leader in the manufacture and supply of structural waterproofing and gas protection systems. 

They offer complete support at every stage in the specification and supply chain process. Working to only the highest standards and through innovation and excellence as key values, 

Visqueen remains the industry leader and is trusted as the technical authority for product standards.

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