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Size: 115/22.23mm
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Spectrum USB Ultimate Metal Cutting Diamond Blade are the highest performing diamond blades on the market.

  • Suitable For Handsaws
  • Cuts Ductile Iron Pipe, Cast Iron, Rebar, Steel, Fibreglass, Plastic Pipe & Concrete.

We have the Spectrum USB Ultimate Metal Cutting Diamond Blade ready for speedy despatch.

    • Metals
    • Ductile Iron Pipe
    • Cast Iron
    • Rebar
    • Steel
    • Fibreglass
    • Plastic Pipe
    • Concrete

    Spectrum has been innovating diamond tools for two decades and is now clearly recognized as the leading brand of choice and at the forefront of technology.

    Their first class award winning diamond tools are produced in some of the world’s most technically advanced laboratories and factories, guaranteeing the highest manufacturing quality.

    The brand has revolutionised the market with its innovative and exciting products, providing the solutions you need at every level of performance and price.

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