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The Rawlplug RPP-GUN-NC Professional Polyurethane Foam Gun is a reliable tool for professionals enabling multiple applications of polyurethane foam.

  • Solid construction
  • Easy application
  • Adjusting the flow out of the foam
  • Simple maintenance
  • Durability

        We have Rawlplug RPP-GUN-NC Professional Polyurethane Foam Gun in stock available for speedy delivery.

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          RPP-GUN-NC Profesional Gun - Datasheet

          • The application of PU foam: installation of windows and doors, filling, sealing, insulation in the construction industry

          • Concrete
          • Masonry
          • Metal Sheet & Profiles
          • Wood
          • PVC Profile
          • Window Profile
          • Concrete Slab
          • Solid Concrete Block
          • Plasterboard
          • Gypsum Fibreboards
          • Aerated Concrete Block
          • Ceramic Hollow Block
          • Hollow Lightweight Concrete Block
          • Wood
          • Chipboard
          • High-Density Natural Stone
          • Masonry
          • Hollow Brick
          • Solid Brick
          • Solid Sand-lime Brick
          • Silicate Blocks
          • Hollow Sand-lime Brick
          • Vertically-perforated Clay Block
          • Ceramic Hollow Blocks in high dimensional tolerance class TLMB

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