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The Rawlplug R-RPS-K Polyurethane Handheld Foam is a Low-pressure, one-component polyurethane foam with delivery tube

  • Ideal for mounting, sealing and soundproofing.
  • Excellent sound and thermal insulation properties.
  • Resistant to mould and fungi.
  • 750ML Can

      We have Rawlplug R-RPS-K Polyurethane Handheld Foam is in stock available for speedy delivery.

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        R-RPS-K Polyurethane Foam - Datasheet

        • Fixing pipes and cables in HVAC systems
        • The application of PU foam: installation of windows and doors, filling, sealing, insulation in the construction industry
        • Installation of windows and door
        • Easy fixing of door and window frames - timber, metal or PVC
        • Fixing (for installation of doors and windows)
        • Thermal insulation of roofing (including flat roofs)
        • Installation & sealing of window sills
        • Thermal insulation of plumbing and central heating
        • Filling gaps in the thermal insulation of buildings 
        • Filling frame structures

        • Concrete
        • Solid Concrete Block
        • Aerated Concrete Block
        • Masonry
        • Stainless Steel
        • Wood

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