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Rawlplug - R-KEM II - Universal Polyester Resin & Gun Set is a Universal polyester (styrene free) resin - that has European Approval for 15 substrates. This is for 2 tubes of resin and a resin gun.

  • The most convenient bonded anchor for general purpose use
  • Quick, secure and simple installation
  • Product with wide spectrum of use in the medium load capacity area
  • Ideal for applications where mechanical anchors are not suitable
  • Easy dosage thanks to patented self-opening system and use of manual or pneumatic gun
  • Option of use standard manual silicone gun
  • Suitable for multiple use. Partly used product can be reused after fitting new nozzle

Approved for use in: • Non-cracked concrete C20/25-C50/60

Also suitable for use in: • Natural Stone (after site testing

We have Rawlplug - R-KEM II - Universal Polyester Resin & Gun Set in stock for speedy delivery.

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    R-Kem-II - Datasheet

    • Consoles
    • Staircases
    • Gates
    • High racking
    • Canopies
    • Sanitary appliances
    • Steel constructions
    • Railings
    • Handrails
    • Ladders
    • Cable trays

    Rawlplug Ltd. is a part of the Rawlplug Group, being a globally present manufacturer of fixing solutions and tools.

    Rawlplug is actually responsible for the invention of the first wall plug and the first mechanical anchor to ever have been used. Their portfolio accounts for more than 30,000 products used in the vast area of construction, starting from roofwork, timber structures and gardening, including joinery, gates and fencing, facades, process installations, roads and bridges, steel, concrete and civil engineering structures, down to interior finishing and tools.

    There are 11 product categories in their regular portfolio: bonded anchors, mechanical anchors, lightweight fixings, facade insulation fixings, roofing insulation fixings, passive fire protection system, foams and sealants, fasteners, direct fastening systems, power tools accessories, staplers, glue guns and accessories. 

    And regardless of whether the products are used in construction sites of international investment projects or for household finishing works, they guarantee reliability and safety of all these solutions to all customers.

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