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Geofix All Weather Brush In Patio Grout - 14KG is a ready to use jointing material for all types of paving having joints of 5 mm and over that can be used in both dry and wet conditions.

  • Can be used in both dry and wet conditions- no more wasted days due to wet weather
  • Can be used on joint widths of a minimum of 5 mm wide and a minimum of 15 mm deep
  • GEO-FIX® is unaffected by wind, rain washout and mechanical sweeping equipment
  • No mixing required
  • Brush applied - no special skills or equipment needed
  • Non staining - attractive and neat finish
  • Up to 20 times faster to complete than traditional methods
  • Durable joints which are unaffected by frost, salt UVA and chemicals
  • Resists weed and plant growth between joints
  • Water and air permeable - allows for continued nourishment of tree and plant roots
  • Enables ornate paving patterns and designs to be jointed quickly and effective
  • Comparable strength to 4:1 mortar when set

Geo-Fix All Weather is a quick and easy way of applying a rigid joint on most common paving types including:

  • Indian Stone
  • Concrete
  • Slate
  • Clay
  • Terracotta
  • Granite
  • Porcelain

The time and labour-saving benefits of Geo-Fix Jointing Compound, combined with the performance benefits compared to cement-based mortar make it popular with professional landscapers. general builders and DIY’ers alike.

Easily finished by compacting with a pointing tool and used on joint widths of minimum 5mm and depths from 15mm, it also forms a solid joint that resists weed and plant growth, yet is permeable allowing water to escape to prevent ponding.

    Please click on the links below:

    Geo-Fix - All Weather - Datasheet

    Geo-fix - MSDS data

    Here's our step by step guide to applying Geo-Fix® All Weather:

    Step 1

    Thoroughly rake out all the existing joints, removing all weeds and plant growth, including roots. If Moss or Mould is present treat whole area with Everbuild Patio Wizard. 

    Step 2

    GEO-FIX® ALL WEATHER should be considered for its aesthetic and not its structural properties therefore all paving must be firmly fixed using an appropriate bedding technique to prevent settlement and movement.

    Step 3

    Wet the paving surface. The paving must be kept wet during application but free from standing pools of water. Failure to wet the paving surface will result in temporary staining. Ensure that the areas where you are not working remain wet at all times. This is particularity important in warm or hot weather. Sweep off any excess pools of standing water. 

    Step 4

    Carefully open the vacuum –packed bag and sprinkle GEO-fix® All Weather Jointing Compound over the area to be jointed. Using a soft brush, brush the Geo-Fix® All Weather Jointing compound into the joints at a 45° angle. Work in small areas of approx. 2-3 square metres at a time.  Once opened the entire bag must be used within 30 -45 minutes (*temperature dependent).

    Step 5

    After application brush off the excess with a soft brush, taking care not to brush any out of the joints. This will now harden over a two to six-hour period temperature dependent**.

    Step 6

    After application, brush off excess with a soft brush, taking care not to brush out any Geo-Fix® All Weather Jointing Compound from the treated area. Geo-Fix® All Weather Jointing Compound will harden over a 3-8-hour period (temperature dependent).

    Step 7

    Once cured any remaining residue can be easily removed from the paving with a stiff brush.

    *At 20°C and 50% relative air humidity. Working time reduced to 30 minutes. **2 – 6 hours at 20°C, 6 – 12 hours at 5°C

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