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Everbuild Exact Gap Foam has been formulated to provide a more precise foam product that only expands by between 5-10% from the bead extruded on application.

  • Fills gaps & insulates.
  • Can be cut, sawn or plastered over after only two hours
  • Unique safety valve – rubber free valve means it will not clog or leak
  • Re-usability – canister may easily be re-used again
  • Safety in transport – internal valve reduces potential of impact damage.
  • Canister may be transported / stored in horizontal as well as vertical position.
  • Can be bought individually or as a box of 12

The controlled application significantly reduces the amount of cured excess foam that has to be cut back afterwards, the waste disposal of which can be difficult on some sites.

This controlled expansion also reduces the danger of wet foam falling onto the floor and surrounding substrates. Also ideal for applications where it is important not to impact too much stress onto the item being installed.

Everbuild Exact Gap Foam is in stock available for speedy delivery.

    ▪ Roof tile voids and draught points around the home.
    ▪ Gaps around pipe entries through walls.
    ▪ Gaps around window frames, door frames.
    ▪ Electrical wire chasing prior to plastering.
    ▪ Deep joints prior to applying sealant or plaster.
    ▪ Gaps and cracks in walls and floorboards.
    ▪ Behind cladding to exterior walls.
    ▪ Behind soffit and barge boards

    Everbuild are passionate about the products they produce, they have always worked on the simple premise that Trade Users will only come back for good products, so that’s all they make!

     This simple philosophy combined with a commitment to invest in new product development and manufacturing infrastructure has seen Everbuild - A Sika Company grow into the UK’s leading sealant, adhesive and building chemical brand with sales in excess of £110 million and customers in over 70 countries. 

    Everbuild - A Sika Company are owned by Sika AG, a globally active speciality chemicals company offering a comprehensive range of products, including waterproofing systems, sealing, bonding and speciality mortars etc, across many construction and associated sectors.

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