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Automatic Battery Starter Charger 12A 6/12V is a heavy duty, intelligent 3-stage starter charger for 6V and 12V vehicle batteries. Leisure, deep-cycle, regular lead acid, AGM and gel cell batteries can be charged in or out of vehicles by trickle charge or a fast charge.

  • Intelligent microprocessor controls powerful output from transformer circuit
  • Start, fast charge & impulse trickle charge model
  • Large digital easy-to-read display & simple 3-button operation
  • Protects against short circuit, reverse polarity & overload
  • Compatible with lead acid, deep-cycle, leisure, AGM/gel cell batteries

Built-in heavy-duty clamps for quick and secure connection to battery terminals. Features start mode that provides a boost to weak batteries, which assists in starting vehicles. Intelligent microprocessor detects battery charge percentage and alternator effectiveness automatically by cycling through the large digital display.

Includes built-in heavy duty clamps, robust all-metal construction housing, convenient carry handle and instructions.

We have the Automatic Battery Starter Charger 12A 6/12V ready for speedy dispatch.

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