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The ARC Brickties are to suit any ARC Cavity Closers.

  • Available in packs of 100

    The ARC Brickties are available for speedy delivery.

    For the ARC Smart Cavity Closer click here

      Please click on the links below:

      ARC Smart Closer - Datasheet

      The ARC Smart-Closer is easily installed. Simply cut the jamb profile
      to the height of the window or door opening plus 75mm to allow the
      bottom edges to drop into the cavity below the sill. 

      Once the jamb sections are installed, measure the required width for the sill section and cut a length to butt tightly to the jamb sections. If a longer length than 2.4m is required, see below

      Option 1 (First Fix): As above and build in the jamb sections as the
      brickwork progresses using ARC Brick Ties* (1 every 225mm). Ties are
      not required on the sill section, simply hold in place with an adhesive
      or nail to block. *ARC Brick Ties are sold separately and can be purchased by clicking this link

      Option 2 (Second Fix): Cut sections to required size as above and
      simply push fit once the openings are formed. Sections can be
      secured by nailing to block or using a suitable adhesive.

      ARC’s wealth of technical experience ensures that the best solution can be identified from their comprehensive range of products. All fire barriers and cavity closers are manufactured to NHBC requirements and hold LABC accreditation. Operating within an ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, all products are manufactured to the highest standards.

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