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Drop In Anchors - Lipped - Zinc are a internally threaded hammer set expansion anchor for heavy duty anchoring into concrete. The lip allows the anchor to sit flush against the surface, preventing the anchor from being inserted too far. Also known as wedge anchors.

  • Quick Hammer - set installation
  • Zinc plated and passivated
  • Setting tools to suit the size of anchor

Drop In Anchors - Lipped - Zinc are in stock for immediate dispatch.

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    Drop In Anchor - Datasheet

    Brochure Page

    TypeNot Lipped
    Corrosion Rating (1-5)1 - Clean, dry & low humidity environments
    MaterialCarbon Steel
    FCH Ø (mm)8
    DH Ø (mm)8
    MOQ Increment1
    Packs per Carton20
    Packs per Pallet1380
    Pallet Qty138000

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