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Designed specifically for you and built for work, the DeWalt TSTAK collection offers you versatile, interlocking storage systems that is the ideal partner to help you get the job done not only quickly, but professionally as well. 

Each product in the TSTAK collection features a robust interlocking catch system that allows you connect and disconnect units quickly and easily, while the mobile storage, cart and trolley units provide you with great options to help you move heavy tools with little fuss. 

Dewalt TSTAK trolley

Key features of the DeWalt TSTAK collection:

  • STRONG INTERLOCK – The quick and simple interconnecting system gives you the freedom to configure your toolboxes as you need it, making it easier to organise your tools before you start your day.
  • LABELLING – All models come with a handy window that allows you to label each of your toolboxes. Say goodbye to endless searching for your tools in buckets and in your van!
  • ENHANCED MOBILITY – The DeWalt TSTAK does what it says on the tin – stack! You can stack your boxes to the trolley or cart with ease, allowing you to move your tools with little fuss.
  • REMOVABLE TOTES – Organise anything from small parts to larger power tools with the removable sections that feature a Clear Lid organiser and Single Deep Drawer unit.
  • SECURITY – The TSTAK storage systems feature padlock eyes meaning you can keep your tools and parts safe and secure wherever you are.
  • REMOVEABLE DIVIDERS – If you want to keep on top of all your small parts, whether it’s loose drill bits or diamond blades, the removeable dividers on the Double Shallow unit allow you to do just that.


PRICE £53 SAVE £15

  • Easily store and transport both cordless and corded power tools, as well as other accessories
  • Fitted padlock eyes for added security
  • Heavy-duty, rust resistant metal latches
  • Adaptable foam insert to protect your tools when you’re on the move
  • Organise your small parts with fixed dividers in the lid
  • Strong handle, allowing up to 30kg lift

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PRICE £36.71 SAVE £10

  • Store and easily transport corded and cordless power tools, plus any accessories
  • Bi-material handle for easy and comfortable lifting (up to 30kg)
  • Padlock eyes fitted for additional security
  • Adaptable foam insert included to hold and protect your tools during transport

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PRICE £42 SAVE £10 

  • Removable tray for easy access to smaller tools and accessories
  • Easily store and transport cordless and corded power tools
  • Bi-material handle that allows up to 30kg for comfortable lifting
  • Padlock eyes fitted for added security

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PRICE £96 SAVE £19

  • Combination of TSTAK Deep Box and the TSTAK Double Shallow Drawers
  • Perfect for organising your small parts and accessories, while storing your power tools in one place. Perfect for power tools with lots of accessories
  • Bi-material handle for comfortable lifting of up to 30kg
  • Ball bearing slides that are reliable for heavy-duty loads
  • Heavy-duty metal latches for resistance to rust
  • Drawer load capacity of up to 3.5kg
  • Padlock eye fitted for added security and adaptable foam inserts, keeping your tools protected when you’re on the move

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PRICE £59 SAVE £15

  • Extra-large volume capacity to easily store and transport both corded and cordless power tools and equipment
  • Top organiser in the lid with fixed dividers for small parts and accessories
  • Fitted with padlock eyes
  • Rust resistant metal latches designed for heavy duty
  • Strong, long handle allowing lift of up to 30kg

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PRICE £87 SAVE £23  

  • Store and easily transport a large volume of power tools as well as any accessories
  • Metal/plastic combination handle giving you easy movement of load
  • Push button handle for opening and closing
  • 7” durable wheels
  • Added security with padlock eyes
  • Bi-material handle for comfortable lifting
  • 50kg weight for rolling with telescopic handle

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PRICE £168 SAVE £42

  • For use with the DeWalt TSTAK system
  • Front caster with 360’ swivel abilityo
  • 2-wheel lock system to secure the cart in a fixed position
  • Side latches for extra secure connecting modules
  • High quality 7” back wheels
  • 3-position telescopic aluminium handle with integrated long tool storage
  • 100kg load capacity on flat surface
  • 50kg load capacity in stairs

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PRICE £236 SAVE £92

  • Clear sound system with four full range speakers
  • Active subwoofer
  • Assisted bass resonator, for a loud and high-quality sound
  • Colour flip screen with touch-sensitive buttons for the best user experience
  • IP54 rating for dust and weather resistance
  • Quick USB charging outlet and AUX port
  • Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming from mobile device
  • Wireless operation and charger functionality works with DeWalt XR & FLEXVOLT batteries
  • Safely store your phone in a large, single-hand operation compartment
  • Stacks with any TSTAK module

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Make your working life simpler and easier with the TSTAK collection.
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