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We are delighted to welcome the Silverline 18V Power Tool Range to our online store!

The range includes a selection of high performance and highly affordable cordless power tools that deliver fantastic results, every time.

Combining finely-tuned features and a customer-led design, with Silverline's intelligent power tool technology, the Silverline 18V range is based around an interchangeable battery system.

With its quick fit and quick release features, the Silverline 18V range feature high performance Li-ion batteries that are supported by  an intelligent Li-ion charger.

All the tools in the range are fast charging and have a very low self-discharge life when stored - meaning you can use the tools more frequently without charging, even if they've been in the toolbox.

The lightweight tools have built in indicators to keep you updated on the charge levels and the batteries have a 500+ charge cycle capacity.

The Battery Charger has multiple integrated protection and safety features, with a long lasting charging contact and LED battery charge indicator.

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